Social responsibility

According to the essential role of shareholders in an business enterprises, the VITANE PHARMED group attends to this important and its plan is performance of social responsibilities towards all associates in the different groups as the community, customers, government and stakeholders.


The main responsibility is attention to patient's health.

We have a responsibility to present accurate, comprehensive and perfect information about pharmaceutical production for providing consciously assessment for the customers.

We should be royal for the principles of good clinical behavior.

We have a responsibility to understand the cultural differences and matched our behavior (without crossing the moral principles) with them.

In recent years Iran branch of Vitane was established with main focus on manufacturing biologics, special treatment and orphan drugs. The production site of the company will be opened in this year with some products which are entered to domestic market through contract manufacturing. CONTACT US »
ویتان فارمد
With in headquarters in Germany , the company has entered into manufacturing alliances with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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