Our approach to career growth is based on the company’s development philosophy, which emphasizes that professional evolution occurs through a combination of work experiences, feedback, relationships and training.

Our Development Philosophy

Our career development philosophy underscores that the primary way employees develop is through work experiences. In fact, an estimated 70 percent of an employee’s development is achieved through these experiences. Feedback and relationship-building are important todevelopment, as they help establish an employee’s professional network. Traditional training opportunities are also available to our employees.

- Achievable through work experiences, feedback, relationships and training
We believe that development is:
- A responsibility that’s shared by all employees, their managers and Baxter
- A process over time — not an event
- Goal-oriented, focused on objectives that are mutually important to both employees and Baxter

Focused on short-term actions and long-term career goals

Career Development Tools & Programs

We offer a variety of career development tools and resources that are designed to help employees assess their strengths and development needs, as well as their career interests and personal motivations. Employees are encouraged to use and refer to these resources on an ongoing basis .


-Financial expertr

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In recent years Iran branch of Vitane was established with main focus on manufacturing biologics, special treatment and orphan drugs. The production site of the company will be opened in this year with some products which are entered to domestic market through contract manufacturing. CONTACT US »
ویتان فارمد
With in headquarters in Germany , the company has entered into manufacturing alliances with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, Asia and Middle East.

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