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Living with Diabetes

Diabetes can't stop us having a healthy, happy life!
Diabetes can't stop us having a healthy, happy life!

Living with diabetes can be challenging, but you can still lead a near normal life. Diet and lifestyle are key components in living healthily with diabetes.

Living with diabetes includes a plethora of information pages about the kind of things that you might need to know whilst living with diabetes.

Living your life with diabetes

Be it dealing with blood glucose meter problems, the contraceptive pill, how smoking affects diabetes or even how diabetes could affect your job - Living with Diabetes contains help and guides to steer you through

Diabetes Checks

Diabetes checks are extremely important
Diabetes checks are extremely important

Diabetes check ups are an extremely important part of diabetes care.

There are some diabetes checks that you can carry out at home with others offered by the NHS.

These checks are a vital part of weekly, monthly and annual diabetes care. There are some types of diabetes checks that you can carry out at home, and others are offered by the NHS.

This includes glucose control, foot care, weight, and keeping a diary.

Checks for diabetes is where the individual can really make a difference to their own diabetes management, above and beyond the check ups offered by healthcare professionals.

Diabetes check ups for newly diagnosed people with diabetes

Diabetes check ups for children are a specialist subject, and parents and children will be taught how to check up on their diabetes by specialist diabetes healthcare professionals.

For adults, there are a range of educational courses to help people with diabetes understand their condition.

These courses include DAFNE and Bertie for type 1 diabetes, and DESMOND and XPERTfor type 2 diabetes.

These courses help show adults the type of diabetes check ups needed to ensure good diabetes care.

Education should include weight guidance, testing blood sugar, and how to look after your feet and eyes.

Daily diabetes check ups

Daily diabetes check ups should include feet and blood sugar.

Daily foot check ups are essential for people with diabetes.

Especially for those with a history of diabetes neuropathy, foot infections can spread very quickly.

Checking feet daily is a way to identify problems early. Daily blood glucose testing is not recommended for all diabetics, but Diabetes UK advises that all diabetics should test their blood sugar.

Testing and understanding what your blood sugar results mean is an essential way to manage diabetes. Understanding what to do if blood glucose is low or high is the key.

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